The Two Seater Rule

01 October - 29 November

As lockdown eases up it is key that there are designed responses to the pandemic which make socially distancing the easiest and most comfortable way to interact with one-another.

Designed by Iain Jamieson and expertly crafted by Dave Drury, The Two Seater Rule is a piece of public furniture that can be enjoyed in a sociable way while still keeping a safe 2m distance.

Created so that it can be comfortably used by all ages, the bench has two throne like chairs that are over 2m apart with a relaxing 12 degree angle on each back; one side with an am rest and space to place your feet on the ground allowing an easy transition from sitting to standing, the other with a connection to the other side making it perfect for lounging and putting your feet up. As well as its ability to be shared with a friend (or even a stranger) at a safe distance, The Two Seater Rule can also be enjoyed by a social bubble with multiple ways of arranging people along the length of the bench.

With a simplified and contemporary version of a classic 60s wallpaper pattern, the aesthetic is intended to speak to Boomers and Millennials alike, with the intention that you might share the bench with someone of a different age and have a conversation with them.


The Two Seater Rule was created by Iain Jamieson and Dave Drury, with thanks to Antony Corkerell and ar18 for the use of their workspace and expertise.

The LFA City Benches are a series of give temporary benches created by emerging architects and designers for an annual design competition for seating in the Cheapside area, in partnership with Cheapside Business Alliance and the City of London Corporation.

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