The Tooley Street Triangle

01 October - 31 December

The Tooley Street Triangle is conceived as a map come to life, helping people who use London Bridge to find their way around the area, and transforming an overlooked piece of pavement into a local landmark and meeting point. It has three elements: a scale map of the area around London Bridge printed onto the pavement, complete with street names and major landmarks, a giant signpost with local directions and information on it, and a bench for passers-by to take a breather. The Tooley Street Triangle also draws people from the busier main roads and signposts quieter routes with cleaner air, away from noise and pollution.

Charles Holland Architects won a design competition organised by the LFA and Team London Bridge in 2018 to help people to orientate themselves near London Bridge, and to transform a busy but dull traffic island opposite the main entrance to London Bridge station. Covid-19 restrictions prevented the planned installation of The Tooley Street Triangle in April: its installation now marks a turning point and a beacon of hope as London opens up following weeks of lockdown.

The latest in the London Festival of Architecture’s ongoing series of public realm improvements across London, The Tooley Street Triangle is a symbol of celebration and welcome as London’s streets come to life once again with visitors, commuters and Londoners.

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