A Pineapple for London

01 October - 29 November

When Sir Christopher Wren first laid plans for St. Paul’s Cathedral, he originally intended that the dome would be topped with a pineapple, gold and 60ft tall. Adorning London’s rooftops, ruins and railings, the pineapple is an ornament to both hospitality and power. This bench acknowledges Wren’s fruity ambition, at long last grounding it for the London Festival of Architecture.

A Pineapple for London is a light-hearted public seat for the historic market streets of Cheapside. The bench’s many surfaces, like a pineapple, vary in their textural granularity. The top seat is smooth, polished, almost juicy; the sides are tactile to the touch.

Handmade by the design team, and cast in ‘chunks’, the bench was fabricated in the workshop of RARA studios, Hackney before being installed in the shadow of St. Paul’s for the London Festival of Architecture.


A Pineapple for London was created by the The HAC team: Archie Cantwell, Hugh Diamond & Cameron Clarke

The LFA City Benches are a series of give temporary benches created by emerging architects and designers for an annual design competition for seating in the Cheapside area, in partnership with Cheapside Business Alliance and the City of London Corporation.

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