Manifestos: Architecture for a New Generation – Laura Mark

13 June - 30 June

"How can we make the architecture of London more equitable? Drop the archispeak, stop the silos and open up art for all."


‘Manifestos: Architecture for a New Generation’ is an annual collaboration between London Festival of Architecture and the Design Museum, highlighting work by an emerging generation of voices in architecture who are expanding the parameters of what architecture can be, who London is for and what its future holds.

Laura Mark is an award-winning architecture critic, curator and designer based in London. She is the Keeper of Walmer Yard and runs the Baylight Foundation.


Laura was nominated by Mary Duggan, Founder of Mary Duggan Architects.

"Architecture is as a closed field of practice and theory that is self-obsessed and self-referential. The extreme ends of the discipline - research to construction - close linkages due to the sheer breadth of the programmes involved. It is heavily compartmentalised. But the fact that architecture is not always understood as an art form is most frustrating, and the reason it is often reduced only to its economic fact.
The discipline becomes accessible and connections are established when placed and discussed within other creative practices. This requires architectural champions to host and curate and ensure its many facets are in constant review.
Therefore I recommend Laura Mark who expands the discipline as architectural editor, curator, teacher and design champion."

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