Manifestos: Architecture for a New Generation – Ibiye Camp

13 June - 30 June

Ibiye Camp uses architectural tools to explore technology in the built environment questioning the future of public space. Ibiye explores design and technology in the public realm, to create imaginative future scenarios of the city


‘Manifestos: Architecture for a New Generation’ is an annual collaboration between London Festival of Architecture and the Design Museum, highlighting work by an emerging generation of voices in architecture who are expanding the parameters of what architecture can be, who London is for and what its future holds.

Ibiye Camp is an artist that uses architectural tools to create sound, video, augmented reality and 3D objects. Her investigative practice researches biases inherent to technology and the built environment. Ibiye's practice focuses on postcolonial subjects, technology, and the built environment. Camp has an MA in architecture from the Royal College of Art, London.


Ibiye was nominated by Mariana Pestana, London based, Portuguese architect and curator.

"Ibiye Camp’s augmented realities reveal hidden narratives and generate alternative perspectives that deconstruct dominant geopolitical and technological biases. Using architectural tools, she highlights postcolonial subjects and conflicts inherent to technology. Her original and pioneering work introduces new tools for sensing the complexities of the contemporary world."

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