LFA Bake Off – The Kids Category


We opened up our kids category to budding bakers under 13. Over 13s were able to enter our individual category.

This was a great way for them to think about both the structure and form of a building – as well as have some fun in the kitchen.

We had five entries for this category.

Colour Palace

  • Baked by Isadora (LFA20)

Isadora baked four square Victoria sponges in tins with ridges and spread jam in between each layer to create a tower. She covered each side of the cake with different colour stripes of fondant icing, and fruit roll ups, copying the colours of the Pavilion as closely as possible! Isadora made the shapes out of a mixture of fondant icing, fruit roll ups and liquorice all sorts sweets (de- constructed!). She made ridges on the shapes using forks. Finally lego pieces, toilet roll and tin foil were used to construct the legs and wrapped in fruit roll ups. A short prayer was said for stability as the square was cut out of the middle of the cake and the roof was then covered in white icing.

Colour Palace

  • Baked by Erin (LFA21)

“Erin started with Nigella Lawson’s “Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake” recipe from FEAST. When it had cooled, she cut it into squares. She used three squares to make the cube of the main building, which she wrapped in white, blue, and yellow fondant. From the remaining square of cake, she cut cylinders, which she wrapped in red fondant for the building’s legs. She also cut a secret chamber inside the building, filled with Smarties. She drew the final decorations directly on the fondant with edible ink.


Colour Palace

  • Baked by Thea  (LFA24)

“My daughter, Thea, is 9 years old. She loves drawing, crafting, baking and watching tv shows like junior bake-off. As we live in Germany (I am British), she was thrilled to be able to take part in a bake-off competition.
We visit family in London all the time and she’s seen all the sights and visited lots of the museums. Her favourite building in London is her cousin’s house, but that was not an option, so she chose the Colour Palace! It is bright and fun and the shapes and colours appealed to her.
She baked and iced biscuits for the shapes, used a fork to create the stripes and made the structure out of sponge. The columns are made out of stacked biscuits and vanilla butter icing. There are 2 plastic playmobil ladders stuck underneath. Green sprinkles represent the grass.”

Palace of Westminster

  • Baked by Beatrice  (LFA25)

My name is Bea and I am 7 years old. I chose the Houses of Parliament because I really like Big Ben. I planned my cake by looking at a photo and drawing what I wanted to make. I also added Boris Johnson. I chose to make a lemon cake because it’s my favourite. I cut my cake into shape and then I covered it in lemon butter icing. I rolled out icing and put it on top. I made the windows by heating sugar and syrup together and letting it cool. I wanted to make my windows pink! I decorated the cake by sticking on the windows. The towers on top are melted sweets. I cut out the clock and drew on numbers. I painted the cake with food colouring to make it look old. I made Boris out of modelling paste and his eyes are edible decorating balls.

Battersea Power Station

  • Baked by Jasper  (27)

My cake has three layers of Victoria sponge with strawberries and cream between and chocolate icing. The chimneys are rice crispie cake and the cranes are gingerbread. It is delicious!

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