The (new) dictionary of THINGS

01 June - 30 June

Keeper or Throwaway? ReCA invites you to take part in an online exhibition by submitting two images: one of a THING that has become useless to you [Throwaways] and one of a THING that you cannot imagine living without [Keepers]. Staying indoors during coronavirus quarantine has changed the way we organize, own, use, and display everyday ordinary objects and THINGS. Our homes have taken on new roles; therefore, THINGS gained new definitions within new ever-changing hierarchies. We now ask ourselves what is essential to us and what isn’t? What are the THINGS that we once thought we needed, and now we can leave behind? What is the ultimate THING we cannot live without? ReCA's new dictionary of THINGS is an ongoing online exhibition that acts like a time capsule, an updated cabinet of curiosities, a display of a new order of THINGS.
Submissions take place on our website, the exhibition will update daily during LFA.

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Image: Hand made vase (To Keep), Julius Weiland, Artist, Berlin

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