A vision for the future: Sustainable Buildings

01 June - 01 September

Photography Exhibition by Danica O. Kus is extended until September 1, 2020.

Architectural photographer Danica O. Kus is inspired by technological achievements and innovations for sustainability in architecture. The architects are challenged to create harmonious surroundings and design buildings that use renewable energy, sustainable materials, and reduce waste.
In this photographic series, she focuses on 7 More London PwC building by Foster + Partners, one of the first sustainable buildings in London which achieved the ‘outstanding’ BREEAM rating in 2010. Foster + Partners firm is known as an expert in sustainable building design. In December 2019, they introduced its sustainability manifesto. This sets out the firm’s aim to construct buildings in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement.7 More London was designed to ‘raise the bar’ for the sustainable design of office buildings. In addition to the features built-in at the design stage such as the use of recycled aggregate and a floorplate that maximizes daylight, some of the innovations have also allowed the building’s carbon footprint to be as low as possible while in-use. Among others, the sustainable features are zigzag design, symmetrical wings, active chilled beams, green roof space, etc.
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Image: Danica O. Kus

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