Reclaiming Regeneration: Lessons and tools for a changing London

23 June 2020

18:00 -19:30

Discussion + workshop exploring the partnerships that are helping communities to rebalance power, reclaim regeneration and respond to the challenges the city now faces.

In a rapidly changing city, how are partnerships between communities and urban practitioners helping to rebalance power and respond to the challenges the city now faces?

Since 2014, Architecture Sans Frontières UK have been working with Citizens UK and The East London Citizens Organisation (TELCO) in response to the issues and inequalities experienced by communities in east London. Inequalities exacerbated over the last decade by massive urban regeneration, and now laid bare by Covid-19.  .

Taking a retrospective look beyond their own practice, the event will examine partnerships and campaigns from across London (guests TBA), taking an honest look at the successes and failures of efforts to deliver just and equitable urban change in London, and ask - how can we learn from these experiences to help us respond to challenges the city now faces?

We look forward to seeing you there!


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Image: ASF UK

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