Musicity At Home

01 June - 21 June

13:00 -20:00

Founded in 2010 by BBC Radio 3 presenter and producer Nick Luscombe, Musicity invites musicians to compose original music in response to buildings and spaces around the world.

With London Festival of Architecture, Musicity takes you on a musical and architectural journey across South London from the comfort of your home.

Over 6 hours of live online Q&As and performances, discover the work of 10 artists as they weave in the musical interpretations of 10 handpicked locations with their own repertoire.

We start at Ewer Street and invite you to follow the Low Line, a Victorian railway viaduct running through Bankside, London Bridge and Bermondsey.

We make a halt at The Scoop, a spectacular outdoor amphitheatre on the South side of the river Thames.

We then invite you to go further south and follow the rail tracks to the following destinations: The Albany Theatre Deptford, The Pioneer Health Centre and Nunhead Cemetery.

Artists include: Angèle David-Guillou, Chihiro Ono, Clémentine March, Frog Morris & Daren Callow, Laima, Lossy, Neue Grafik, Suitman Jungle and Thomas Stone.

Musicity At Home will officially launch on Make Music Day (21 June) with a 6 hour live stream.
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Musicity At Home is supported by Team London Bridge, Arts Council England and Diaphonique, Franco-British fund for contemporary music.


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