01 June - 30 June

10:00 -18:00

The Power of Design.

While many architects and designers are currently struggling due the Covid-19 enforced lockdown, everywhere there seems to be springing a renewed interest in finding creative ways to deal with this situation by re-imagining our domestic spaces.

New opportunities to change and improve our lifestyles are arising from this crisis, as thousands of people are coming up with innovative and fun ideas to enhance their everyday spaces such as: a new space for children to play while parents work, a little corner for the dog, a planting area for growing veggies, a new fence that fosters interaction with neighbours, a space for exercising, relaxing or meditating, a micro workshop for doing DIY, a mini studio to unleash the inner artist, a quiet area for working and video conferences, a mini school at home…
The examples are endless and are proving how imagination and design are a vital part of our everyday lives, now more than ever.

HomeVisions19 is a simple chain of creativity and kindness: homeowners post photos expressing a need or a dream for their house - architects respond by posting quick sketches - design lovers buy an image and donate the money to charitable organisations helping in these times of crisis.
In this simple way the initiative fosters imagination and togetherness, while:
- Helping the profession by showcasing architects’ skills and imagination and by connecting them to potential clients.
- Helping vulnerable people in isolation.
- Helping homeowners understand the importance of design in their everyday spaces.
- Helping the planet by rethinking our habits and lifestyle.

For more information: www.baredesign.squarespace.com/homevisions19


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