01 June - 30 June

RIBA presents its first virtual reality (VR) exhibition, exploring moments across 500 years of aesthetics in architecture. Visitors can now access the exhibition online in a brand new social VR space, simply using their browsers.

What makes a style? How is a style collectively agreed upon and shared? Drawing on RIBA’s world-class collections, Space Popular uses virtual reality to examine styles of the past and to consider the technology’s impact on contemporary spaces and buildings.

Making connections across mass media and style, Freestyle takes the visitor on a journey through time: from the Renaissance, where the influence of Classical architecture spread through printed volumes, through to the era of postmodernism where the channel-surfing of television provided a new and disjointed source of stylistic influence.

The exhibition has been supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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Image: Francis Ware

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