Bauhaus Remains

01 June - 30 June

'Bauhaus Remains'- 4 short films looking at the ways in which Bauhaus has affected the lives of people forever.

The project, produced by the Steve Tisch School of Film & Television, Tel Aviv University and the Bauhaus University Weimar, Faculty of Art & Design- was created to celebrate the centenary of Bauhaus in 2019.

'DWELLING' by Fiona Mortimer (7 mins)
In the bustling centre of Tel Aviv there lies a true gem. Through the eyes of a young girl, we discover the history of her home, and the Bauhaus’ influence on her family over four generations.

'WE, PEOPLE OF SIEMENSSTADT' by Ofir Feldman (26 mins)
Three characters assemble a portrait of the Siemens workers’ neighbourhood in Berlin, which has become an open-air museum of International Style buildings.

'COLD BUFFET' by Kate Ledina (25 mins)
Kibbutz dining halls have historically held an important role in Kibbutz life. Based on the stories of the residents, this film provides a fascinating insight into the shifting position of dining halls in community life , in two Kibbutz in Israel- Kibbutz Ruhama and Kibbutz Geva- where one is still active and the other is no longer in use.

'PHANTOM CHAIRS' by Maya Klar (26 mins)
Set in a luxury furniture store in Weimar Germany, this film explores the way in which Bauhaus school architects and teachers such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer, used not only architecture but furniture design to impact the lives of ordinary people. With an object as simple as a chair, these designers had the power to change communities from inside the home.


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Image: Still from 'Cold Buffet' by Kate Ledina

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