Architecture Obscura

15 June - 30 June

No matter where we live, the restrictions placed upon us as we face the threat of Coronavirus have made many of us feel claustrophobic and disempowered. Without freedom of movement, the constant stream of government warnings and public health stats instils a fear of the outside. Some of us have not left our homes for months.

For LFA Digital, Anise Gallery will host a virtual exhibition exploring our capacity to transform the spaces in which we live and work, investigating the relationship between outside and inside that has become so strained in recent months.

This project will invite artists and architects, writers and photographers, to bring the outside in through the use of a homemade camera obscura. The results will be displayed digitally in a virtual gallery and will include resources that allow others to try it for themselves at home, encouraging responses that may later become a physical exhibition once the lockdown has been lifted.

Organiser Info

Image: Isabel Marshall

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