Ar(+) Gallery – Part I

01 June -

AR(+) Gallery explores the possibilities of architectural creation within a virtual space, a concept the studio has been playing with for a while now. To make the experience available to anyone and easily accessible, the only device one needs is a mobile phone.

Augmented reality offers endless possibilities, the laws of physics or site boundaries are not applicable in the creation process. The studio’s aim was to use these opportunities to showcase a different way to observe architecture within boundless space.

This digital proposal is a play on an architectural drawing. To explain architectural concepts in everyday practice we use drawings on a flat piece of paper. What if we had all three dimensions to explain an idea? AR(+) Gallery explores a different take on an exploded architectural drawing. With augmented reality one can view the deconstructed shape form every angle on the screen of a mobile phone, floating in any space.

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Image: Anna Janiak Studio

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